Custom Home Designs

Building Design is not our job, its our passion. Our design process is driven by your wants and desires, underpinned with our expertise in building and design science. Your design, how it ‘should’ be.


Build your dream – make it yours, you drive design

Your design on paper. That is what we do. We are experts at extracting peoples visions, even when they can't quite see them.

Be it your dream house or a stepping stone house in between, we all have visions of how it should be. These visions have been built through the process of learning what works, what doesn’t, and what probably would if it had a few tweaks here and there.

This is where custom design comes in, your house how you want it. We are here to support you with the technical aspects and to help guide you through getting that vision into a set of documents that correctly portray what it is your looking for. Everybody is different, as is every budget and individual sets of wants and needs.

We will help you achieve the inevitable balance that comes with turning your vision into a reality. We will navigate the path through the council and building regulations, engineering requirements and construction elements to achieve that vision in a manner that connects with its environment. Efficient, sustainable, budget conscious and above all – what works for YOU.


About the Custom Plans and Build Process

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Project Inspiration

One design does not fit all. Building design is as individual as are people. Quite often the hardest step is deciding what exactly it is that you like. With so many design choices and elements it can feel completely overwhelming. Congratulations, you have already begun to formulate your vision by visiting websites and seeing what others before you have done.