Coastal Cottage Beach House


What was once the domain of short holiday periods and coastal experiences in small beach side towns is fast becoming the full time lifestyle choice for many people seeking to find balance between the rigors of work and the moments for relaxation. The beach shack can be represented in multiple forms with throw backs to simple spaces and light bright atmospheres whereby the surrounding environment is welcomed within the interior space. Not just for the renovator market, new builds and knockdown rebuilds are achievable journeys to the beach shack vision.

Whilst the design choice maybe a little more narrowed and focused than that of perhaps modern contemporary pathways, modern technology and building techniques are still applicable within the science behind the structure. Current materials offerings in many cases can provide the same look, feel and finish with the added benefit of lower maintenance requirements and higher levels of energy efficiency and sustainability. For the renovation and rebuild market there maybe several construction challenges facing the renovator when dealing with what are usually 60+ year old existing structures. These challenges can include coastal protection zones, streetscape hierarchy laws, storm surge and coastal hazard overlays and degraded existing structural elements and hazardous materials including asbestos. At Design Science we hold the necessary Builder qualifications and Asbestos qualifications to clear the path towards achieving your vision.

The Beach house means different things to different people. Traditionally a small and simple cottage style structure, the modern version can be large spacious designs that still hold true to the premise of simple seaside living and inviting the atmosphere indoors.

Special considerations need to be given to materials and fittings choices that will resist the salt laden air. Structural elements are selected from code conforming ranges that are quite often significantly more costly than the same element used away from coastal areas. Environmental considerations include higher wind resistant construction techniques and engineering and safety from the effects of storm surges and erosion. Whilst in appearance the beach shack can look basic and inviting, the construction cost is often not so inviting when comparing locational building costs.

Beachside and coastal living has been integral to Australian culture. The traditional styles and build techniques have withstood the tests of time and mother nature and even greater improvements have been made that make this design choice a reemerging trend.