Modern and Contemporary


The modern contemporary design has no technically specific style and maybe represented by completely differing looks. It is a design that is forever evolving as new materials and lifestyle needs and wants change with generational shifts.

The style can be represented and mixed with straight lines, angles, curves and use of multiple different materials all within the one structure.  As materials, lifestyles and urban developments continue to change, so to will the structures currently regarded as modern and contemporary.

What was modern and contemporary housing and style decades ago may now be seen as tired and boring design. The greatest benefit with the category is that it is easily  updated and renovated to conform more readily with the current versions.

This is likely the most widely demonstrated design style in your average new land development project or area undergoing an influx of knockdown and rebuilds.  Personal touches are readily applicable to this category and maybe picked and selected from multiple sources. Be it built or redesigned for a growing family or retiring couple, the style is best utilized by those planning on moving at a latter date as it will appeal to the greatest segment of the buyers market.

An appealing and infinitely flexible design path that can be used in any location. New builds or renovations can easily take design que’s from this category. The expression of your vision is readily obtainable through a huge range of materials and building techniques and systems and is the market segment that the majority of builders and tradesman are most familiar with. Don’t wish to be ‘shoehorned’ into narrow ranges of choice or numbers of builders with specific experience, this is the right design style for you.