We are both licensed builders and building designers, born and bred within the building and construction industry.

At Design Science we pride ourselves  on delivering not just a design or ‘set of floor plans’,  but a professional set of documentation that portrays not only your vision in an easy to understand format for those not from within the construction industry, but a set of documents that provide a clear and concise picture of your requirements to construction professionals prior to commencement of any contracts or works.

Having both trade qualifications and experience along with professional qualifications set us apart from 99% of Building Designers and Architects within this country. It is this actual building experience that drives Design Science’s continual advancement in deliverables to clients and contractors. At Design Science we go beyond mere pictures of your visions and dreams as all projects are 3D  digitally modeled and constructed. We ‘design, frame and build’ your project in the digital world first.

This little known step provides a much greater depth of information that provides numerous advantages including, a full ‘bill of quantities’, eyes wide open prior to project commencement,  less surprises and conflicts, far greater willingness of Builders and Contractors to consider and quote your project, the ability to compare ‘apples with apples’ when assessing quotations and greatest of all – little to no cost overruns from lack of prior project knowledge.

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Our difference

Over 30 years professional experience

Vision to plan to reality

Design Science

Born and bred into a building industry family, Design Science is the culmination of David Steadman’s 30 years of experience. A trade qualified QBCC licensed Builder and QBCC licensed Building Designer, David also holds numerous Degrees and Qualifications spanning Construction, Accountancy, Business Administration, Human Resources and is Justice of the Peace Qualified. A 30 year career and numerous professional appointments both locally and abroad has lead to a desire to ‘lift the game’ within the industry David is most passionate about, Building Design and Construction.

Australia is sadly lacking in building and design methodology when compared to other international destinations. Design Science is underpinned by the firm belief that “its not about how things are, but how they should be“. “Our industry is not evolving and lessons are not being learned. We are designing, building and living within inferior homes that are not suited to the environment the are within, not suited to the way we live our lives, and have been constructed to a budget that focuses on façade rather than substance“.

Design Science is a passion, and a desire to do things better. I have worked on the tools, been the estimator, been the tradesman, been the project manager, been the builder, been the designer, been the client, and have even been the accountant. There are very few Building Designers, Architects or Builders that have such a depth of knowledge and experience and held such a wide range of positions. I see things differently, i see the clients needs and desires, i also see the needs and desires of those needed to make it actually happen. All parties must work in harmony for a project to be truly successful. What underpins a projects success – a clear and concise plan with adequate detail in a format suitable for all those involved.


Innovation within budget


Quality is more than a single element

Quality is the optimal use of space and materials to fulfill a need.

Quality workmanship requires quality planning and quality documentation.



On Budget

While designing, we are at all times cognisant of budget. We consider how the construction will take place and what materials and methods  may be required to achieve the desired outcome.

There are a multitude of dreams and designs out there that have never made it into reality as they have been designed beyond the constraints of the budget available.

Moving beyond the ‘dream’ in most cases means firstly understanding  what the budget will enable.


Accurate Documentation

Documentation is the backbone of the design. It is the documentation that will determine the willingness and costs of the builder and contractor.

A clear and concise plan and documentation is what enables your visons and dreams to be pictured and understood by those required to construct it.

Different parties require different levels of information, you cannot quote or construct something that you do not know.


Prompt Delivery

At Design Science we believe in transparency. Upon gaining a full understanding of your vision we will work with you to achieve your vision within a set stated timeframe.

We have sat in your position and have experienced delivery disappointment as well. We will do our upmost to ensure that all time frames are met.




Design Science is a result of over 30 years experience in Design,  Building and Construction. From simple bathrooms and kitchens too renovations and new builds, multi-million dollar residences and commercial buildings, Design Science has been there. We have sat on all sides of the tables and have a depth of experience that is rarely encountered within the industry.



At Design Science it is our business too understand the difficulties associated with expressing your visions as plans. We will work with you to adjust our plans until they represent your desires. Sometimes this is relatively quick and painless, and at other times not so.

We work with the concept of moving forwards in a predictable format whilst all the while keeping the end result in focus. Satisfaction is our goal.

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