Clean and Minimalist

Clean geometric lines without all the trims and clutter. For those who live with less and value function over quantity.



Designed for the lifestyle of living with less. This space and style is about providing function in an environment where less is more without necessarily constricting space itself.

Quality and finish is lifted into the realms of craftmanship as there is no place for poor workmanship to hide. A distinct lack of trims, architraves, cornices, decorations and cover strips result beautiful clean lines that require your structure to be forged as its own masterpiece.

How less you can go is a completely personal lifestyle choice and spaces are enjoyed for their form and shape rather than an area to be filled with material items. Definitely not a favorite for  the traditional minded, and some may say lacks a ‘homely’ feel, the style however delivers a deep artistic feel for those seeking the uncluttered lifestyle.

Material selection is critical to creating the minimalist space. It is the materials that will provide the aesthetic within the space rather than individual decorative items that are not providing a specific function.

Clean and uncluttered space often requires use of ‘hidden’ storage compartments.  Entire ends of a room may be floor to ceiling cupboards that are crafted to look like a wall or decorative panels belying their true nature. If your lucky enough to have a location surrounded by beautiful views, your windows can be transformed into living art pieces.

Careful consideration must be given to your level of desire for this lifestyle prior to the design journey, otherwise this style of design can lose its entire sense of purpose.